It’s summertime and where is everyone?IMG_1133

I feel as if I am living this new tv show called “The Leftovers”  which kind of sounds like an answer to the Jeprody question, “What’s for dinner?”  but somehow is supposed to be about The Rapture, which is kind of what we are experiencing here in Westchester.  But instead of only 5% of the population whisked away to Heaven, it is 50% transported to Long Island, which is about as close to Heaven as one can get, until folks start getting sloppy at Gurney’s Inn.

“Nobody is here, nobody to call,” and I understand what my son is moaning about.  Nobody is here.  The roads are empty.  The only thing moving are the sprinklers.  After the franticness of the school year, it’s time to take a big exhale and recalibrate…where do we go now?

Well, one place you could go is Yoga Station!  We are operating at less than maximum capacity here and enjoying giving individualized attention to the brave and the beautiful who grace our studio.  Although taking a vacation is the best thing (and we will be closing the studio the last week of July to take some R&R in the hinterland of Ontario), taking a yoga class is a mini vacation, leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.  Is there a better way to celebrate summer than taking a sweaty Vinyasa class and diving into some icy cold air conditioning?   Delicious!