Some things are scary…

I was gone for the weekend when our closest neighbors moved out of their home.  What was once a hub of near constant activity in daylight hours was now a tomb. Maybe in the middle of the night…who knows, Ravi didn’t even notice they were gone until I pointed it out.  But how could you not notice their absence?  It seemed they were always looking in our bedroom window early in the morning, ostensibly to check out the weather, but I wondered if they were spying on us from the other side of the glass.  Sometimes I could swear they were practicing yoga as they clung upside down and naked against our tree, opposing limbs stretching to the fullest.  Frankly, it just wasn’t the Scarsdale Way.  Could I have reported them?  Well, possibly, but who wants their name in the Police Blotter?   And wasn’t this squirrelly behavior appropriate because they were squirrels?Unknown-1

Yes, these neighbors were of the bushy tail, light grey fur variety, who happened to live in our tree (or maybe we were the ones who happened to live in their house-they had been here longer).  Their sudden absence feels disconcerting.  Where are they?  Why did they go?  Do they know something about the tree’s life expectancy that I don’t, or is the food simply better on the other side of town where a kindly neighbor feeds the squirrels acorns she harvested in the fall?  I just don’t know.  One day they were here, and the next, gone.

Life gives us changes and rarely gives us the reason why.  And if you sit with this for a moment it can get scary.  Change comes whether you want it or not.  Peaka’-Frickin-Boo. And really the only control we have in this game is our attitude toward this inevitability.  No matter what we do, or who we are, change will come for all of us.