In the Deep MidWinter of our Yoga Practice

Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the Feast of Sephen

When the Snow Lay Round About

Deep and Crisp and Even


My God but it does the Canadian Heart good to talk of snow deep and crisp and even. 

Is it because as a child we know all that is possible?  The snow forts!  The snowball fights!  The snow angels!  The mountains! The creation of a magical, crystal, ephemeral kingdom made entirely of snow and ice, lasting only a few short days, but such possibility!  

Or is it because everything is perfect, if just for this moment?  All imperfections forgiven and forgotten, covered with a fresh blanket of snow. A chance to start again.  A clean slate.

It reminds me of how we come back to our yoga practice, time and time again.  We unfurl the mat against the floor and place our sitzbones on a blanket or two. The mat spread out in front of us creating a physical space for our practice.  We take a moment not to dwell on our past successes and failures but instead to create an intention…where is our focus?  What shall we create or cultivate today?   So much opportunity in this short time we have to delve in and breathe deep.