Putting the Pause Back in Practice

With the windchill temperature at -30°F, now is the time to stay inside and watch t.v.  Wait, what?  I meant, umm, stay inside and follow our breath.  Really, honest.


Ok, I’ll ‘fess up.  I have been known to be way too involved in Transparent to pick up my kids on time from school.  Please don’t call Children’s Aid.  My pause button for all things electronic is broken.  It’s either on or off.  Moderation for me is not possible, so for this Lent season I thought it may be a good opportunity to give up all unnecessary screen watching to tame my addiction.  Wish me luck!  And please don’t tell me what happens to Maura!

I’m embarrassed to admit how difficult it is to tear myself away from a lit screen — like a cavewoman drawn to fire, I just can’t look away.  But if I don’t look away, when am I going to enjoy this life I’ve been given?  During the commercials I guess.

In the end, what I’m seeking is a little bit more balance in my life.   A little bit of ice cream, a little bit of tv, that’s awesome.  A tub of Ben and Jerry’s and  a netflix subscription, wellll…that’s pretty awesome too.  But every day? It’s kind of gross.    

A rich, full life demands balance.  And baby, that is tough.  Too much Transparent = too little house cleaning, and this delicate balance is lost.  In our yoga practice we also aim for balance…a steady comfortable seat in every asana we embody.  And that is the challenge, isn’t it?  We fall.  And we get up and we fall again.  And then, after practicing and practicing, when we find our balance easily in the asana, then we find a way to challenge ourselves a little more, knowing that the fun of yoga is finding the ease in what was once impossible.  To find space where there was none before.

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