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Yearning for Spring

Where are you Spring?  We’ve been waiting for you such a long, long time.  We come into the studio and the floor is chilly on bare feet.  The rain never ceases.  And we pine for the warm fragrance of blossoms, the sunshine on our faces, cool mud between our toes.  I am longing for your softness, your suppleness.  Where are you?

Lord of my Heart.  Open wide I keep for thee.

Wilt thou come?  Wilt thou come?

Come for once, come to me.  

Will my days fly away, without seeing thee my Lord?  

Will my days fly away, without seeing thee my Lord?  

Night and Day, night and day;  I look for thee night and day.

Night and day, night and day;  I look for thee night and day.

Unknown-4At Integral Yoga on 13th Street, this was a song we learnt during our Teacher Training.  Not a Sanskrit chant, but a love song of sorts.  Waiting and waiting for a Lover to come, searching every nook and cranny for just a trace of Him/Her.  That unrelenting yearning for Someone to step in and Save The Day and fill that yawning, gaping hole in our belly with lovingkindness ASAP, or at the very least make it stop raining.

Darlin’, we know that feeling.

This desire for change-it’s what brings us to prayer, and what brings some of us to our yoga practice.  A longing that we think may be satisfied by Someone/Something outside, but that which we seek is in all of us.  Atman, Holy Spirit, call it what you will,  we all have this light that shines within us, and sometimes even shines through us.  It may be 45°F and drizzling outside, but inside it is always sunny and warm.

Embrace the Season

245px-Seagull_in_flight_by_Jiyang_ChenTo everything there is a season.  And this season, beloved friends, is summer.  Even if you are not tethered to a school calendar, the relief of summer permeates every crevice of your being.  After the rushing and pushing and striving and elbowing forward of spring, we melt into the lethargy of summer where everything goes into S-L-O-W-M-O … what was so pressing and urgent a few months ago becomes a little less so, as we begin to let go of what we no longer need to hold on to.  So take the time to lay in your hammock, or sit on the park bench, or by the sea shore and let the summer rays transport you back to your essential self.  Embrace this season of relaxation and renewal…all too soon it shall pass.